• Required Documentation

1.   For Greek citizens, the required documentation includes: Greek ID card or Greek military ID card. Children who do not have an ID card and are under 12 years of age require a family status certificate supplied by the parent or a legal representative.
The registering of alphabetical details (surname, name, etc) in Latin characters is done automatically based on the ELOT 743 standard. If the individual being registered desires a special rendering of the Latin alphabetical details (concerning his own details or his parents details), then an ID, or passport must be supplied displaying the desired Latin characters.

2.   For foreign citizens, required documentation includes: expatriate ID card or the equivalent of a Greek ID card, or a passport, or a family status certificate officially translated into Greek (when an ID card or passport is not provided or these documents do not display the required details). For children born in Greece, a birth certificate is sufficient.

3.   In the event of registration through a representative, the ID, or passport, or family status certificate of the representative is required (separately for each case as mentioned above) and a further statement on a Law 1599/1986 form stating that they represent the person to be registered.

4.   The supplied documentation must be the originals or certified copies.

4.   The above-mentioned documentation is not deposited at the KEP or AMKA offices, but is just presented, with the exception of the representative's statement.

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