• Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I acquire an AMKA over the phone?

bullet No, the citizen must go to a KEP or AMKA office. In the event that they are unable to go in person, a representative may go carrying with him his identity card and that of the person he is representing.

2. Procedure for altering and updating details.

bullet You may change or update any detail (e.g. ID number, postal address, etc). It may be done whenever desired by visiting a KEP or AMKA office.

3. AMKA from two separate Social Security Institutions. Which number applies?

bullet You must submit a double registration application at a KEP or AMKA office. In this case, only one AMKA will be maintained, the one chosen by IDIKA SA which will be made known to you later.

4. Does my AMKA change by correcting my date of birth?

bullet As of 01.06.2009 any change in the date of birth does not change the AMKA. However, it is possible to submit an application to change your AMKA at any KEP or AMKA office by 31.05.2009. However, the AMKA does not change immediately and you will be informed of your new AMKA when it has changed. Until it is changed, the AMKA that you have continues to apply.

5. Where and when will my Social Security card be sent?

bullet It will be sent to your address. There is no specific time frame as the cards are sent in bulk. However, no matter how long it takes, it does not matter as long as you know your AMKA.

6. Necessary documentation for registration through a representative.

bullet In the event of registration through a representative, besides the documentation mentioned in point 7, the representative’s ID is required and a signed statement that they represent the interested party which is submitted to the KEP or AMKA office.

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